Why Aurora Moves Fast

As Light Fixtures progresses, Aurora sleeps less and less. Yet, when her friend, the mystical Mr. Hematite, once again comments that she indeed looks fatigued, she insists irritably: “I don’t feel tired!”

But that’s the way it is with mania, the fast side of teen bipolar disorder. Sleep is the last thing a young adult with the mood disorder wants. During bipolar mania, you think and move with speed, you feel creative and it feels normal to you.

Of course, Aurora has no idea she’s not in a balanced state. To her, everybody else moves at a turtle’s pace while she’s simply moving at a cheetah’s, and she is unaware that this is an expression of classic bipolar mania.

Needless to say, the mania from her teen bipolar disorder will eventually extract its toll. And it won’t be long.

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