Light Fixtures: Happy 1st Birthday!

This time last year Light Fixtures went on sale. Different from my previously published book (Reflections of the Heart: What Our Animal Companions Tell Us), the Young Adult novel was an electronic book, available to read on your computer or an e-reader, such as Kindle.

The initial reviews were positive and welcomed. Only one reviewer offered a complaint; she did not care for the mystical beings Mr. Hematite and Mr. Dragonfly. But I knew why they were critical to the book: they were an avenue to reach Aurora, the bright protagonist who, with her quick (manic) thought processes, was attracted to challenges, especially thoses that challenged her normal, structured environment. By having Mr. Hematite and Mr. Dragonfly be singular in deed and thought, I could rely on them to give Aurora a unique point of view about life and eventually, her teen manic depression (biploar disorder). I do not regret that decision.

But with Light Fixtures’ one-year anniversay, I can look back and say there is one thing I do regret — not offering the YA novel in paperback sooner. (The paperback version was available in late spring 2012.) Though, knowing how the Universe works, there is really never a reason for regret, as all things are just learning exercises, exercises that we hope become a genuine part of our spiritual wisdom…which returns me to the book.

One of the “tweets” that her beloved friend Mr. Hematite bequeated to Aurora was a quote that would soon help her and that I keep with me to this day:

Leave yourself open and you will see that the Light of your day is upon thee. Keep your heart firm and you will know that the path of which you walk is that of secure. Understand your trust and you will find the rose of your day and the thorns of your mind.

Happy Birthday Light Fixtures!

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