What Makes Summer So Great

Many people are talking about or are already going back to school. And it’s only early August, for goodness sake! I say that because, as a lover of the season, I’ll hang on to summer as long as this former Southerner can. Living now in a very green, often wet Northwest, where summer is a sweet 90 days of 80 degree heat with cool nights from July, August and September, I welcome a season where you can sit in the backyard. But the real joy at this time comes from having cookouts with friends and family over, including those who live in California and new transplants from Louisiana.

In Light Fixtures Aurora feels the same way about summer and family. One passage from the book details a Sunday afternoon at her grandparents and the joy of her grandmother’s homemade vanilla ice cream. Though it’s her granddaddy who makes sure everyone has a job so that grandmother’s beloved ice cream could end up just right. Aurora and her younger brother and sister’s mission was to either turn the crank or replace one another who, to give it stability, sat on top of the 1950’s ice cream maker.

But summer is also the time Aurora, feeling increased manic energy and elation, must soon face who she is chemically: one with the onset of teen bipolar. Full of unveilings and great adventure, it’s a story of becoming aware that goes beyond just the deight of summer. Do check it out!

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer days — and nights!

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