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(16) Junk Food Jolene
Sun, 5 February 2012 20:11:15 +0000

Dropping in to support a fellow writer. Wishing you all the best!

(15) Matt D.
Thu, 2 February 2012 22:30:44 +0000

Wow, wonderful title! Hope it's going well for you

(14) Matthew W.
Thu, 2 February 2012 22:28:28 +0000

Light Fixtures looks pretty darned cool! Just checking out the description gave me some childhood nostalgia.

(13) Maree Ward-russell
Wed, 1 February 2012 23:03:24 +0000

Wonderful title! Maree

(12) Matt Deibler
Wed, 1 February 2012 23:03:04 +0000

Wow, wonderful title! Hope it's going well for you!

(11) Frank Polito
Wed, 25 January 2012 23:39:41 +0000

Your book was released on my birthday... How nice!

(10) Judy Barton
Wed, 18 January 2012 23:12:18 +0000

So glad to discover such a wonderful-sounding story!

(9) Yamna Mir
Wed, 18 January 2012 23:11:28 +0000

I love the cover of your book!

(8) Philippe Matthews
Wed, 11 January 2012 23:41:39 +0000

The Philippe Matthews Show is loving Light Fixtures! You ROCK Deborah!

(7) Carla
Wed, 26 October 2011 18:53:36 +0000

I received Light Fixture from the author (Deborah DeMoss Smith) in exchange of an honest review.
Light Fixture is the story of Aurora. She is spending her summer with her grandparents in Louisiana during the 1960’s. Aurora’s thoughts are always fast moving and she often high spirited. Her family is used to that already but soon Aurora meets Mr. Hematite and Mr. Dragonfly, who seem to know exactly why Aurora is the way she is.
I liked Aurora and thought she was a good main character. She is never still and her thoughts are constantly running fast. She’s smart and strong and feisty. The way she always has an answer ready for Johnny Lee was great.
Aurora’s grandparents were really nice as well. It was obvious they loved Aurora.
I didn’t know what to expect from Mr. Hematite and Mr. Dragonfly at first but I ended up liking them. They were very interesting characters who helped Aurora understand a lot about herself.
I enjoyed the fact the story was set in the 1960´s and I think the descriptions the author provides us with were great. All the details were able to make me feel like I was actually there.
All in all I think Light Fixtures is a great read. The author does a great job in dealing with the issue of bipolar depression. The book is well written and I think anyone will be able to sympathize with Aurora who is hipper and happy in a moment and in a low mood the next.
I recommend Light Fixture to any YA fan who is interested in reading about an intriguing topic.

Rating: Worth Your Time (4 Stars)

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