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(6) Annie Burchfield
Thu, 22 September 2011 18:45:51 +0000

Just finished reading LF -- and wow! Great read. Thank you for sharing this special story, Deborah DeMoss Smith!

(5) Julie A. Fast
Mon, 22 August 2011 15:55:25 +0000

From the first chapter of Light Fixtures, we walk into Aurora’s lush northwest Louisiana world and have a window into her mind where she is confused by the changes as a teenager, but also as she goes through her first bipolar disorder episodes. In 1963, knowledge was limited about the illness and Aurora isn’t sure what is happening herself. The mystical journey she experiences in Light Fixtures helps her find the strength she will need for what happens next as she grows and experiences life. Light Fixtures is one of the rare YA novels focusing on teen bipolar.

(4) Joan-Ellen Macredis, ND, LAc
Thu, 18 August 2011 00:02:38 +0000

The first time I read Light Fixtures I thoroughly enjoyed the picture of the South and the customs that are a part of this part of the country, as well as Aurora's adventures. The second time I read the book I realized how important a book this is because I had the opportunity to gain insight into the mind of a child as she matures and realizes she is different from others as she has her first bipolar experiences; a must read for any teenager/young adult as they experience life.

(3) T. Melton
Fri, 5 August 2011 16:05:19 +0000

Thank you Deborah Smith, for the memorial and spiritual journey in which Light Fixtures guided me. I have fallen in love with my grandparents, again, through your writing. The story is colorful and moving, one will fall in love with the characters. Layers of teaching, that touches the physical, emotional, spiritual part of life interwoven as the scraps used for the quilts Aurora's grandmother created. An excellent read for any touched with bipolar disorder. It will make one laugh and cry. Very uplifting.

(2) Mikayla
Thu, 30 June 2011 08:02:33 +0000

Deborah DeMoss Smith paints a vivid portrait of the life of a fourteen-year-old girl named Aurora, detailing the angst of her transition into adulthood. Beyond a relatable story, Light Fixtures commands the reader's attention with the unexpected self discovery of Aurora's bipolar disorder and what she learns about herself.

(1) Nina
Tue, 28 June 2011 16:20:44 +0000

In Light Fixtures, Deborah DeMoss Smith portrays the enthralling journey of Aurora, a witty young girl taking a trip down a Louisiana rabbit hole. Her discovery of her own bipolar disorder as well as an unexplored world takes the reader along on a captivating adventure.


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