For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, here we are in the heart of summer: the sky is a pristine blue and the blues is definitely not what you feel- at least if you’re a bipolar teen. This is the time of year when, even with the heat, or maybe because of the heat, you feel full of energy. But sometimes that high energy is really bipolar mania.

In Light Fixtures, set in the hot and humid summer of the deep South, fourteen-year-old Aurora feels that way. Moving and talking at a high speed, she is full of life, of ideas, and curiosity. But one thing she’s not full of is sleep. A good night’s sleep is not an “every day” routine for her. She has no desire to sleep. It’s during these manic times Aurora often heads to the hay fields at her grandparents’ or the nearby woods. Via those forays she will come to know two special friends who will help guide her to understanding herself, the mood disorder, and the joy of a special friendship that many may consider unreal.

If you haven’t read Light Fixtures, check it out. And enjoy your summertime!

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