Emmy and

It’s officially fall and, as promised, a first-post of the season.

My blog starts with the recent Emmy awards. Not because I have my favorite shows – some who won (Breaking Bad) and some who didn’t (Mad Men) – but because of the winner of the lead actress in a drama series. Claire Danes plays a professional woman with bipolar disorder, a mood disorder that, with its mercurial ups and downs, can wring out a person’s life.

In Life Fixtures, teen Aurora knows the see-saw effect of the mental disorder, though it takes her the summer of 1963 at her grandparents farm in the Deep South, to learn what’s going on with her. During the manic period, she thinks and moves at a blinding pace. Life is good; life is full of experiences bathe in the joy of delicious mania. Sleep? There’s no desire for rest, only movement. But, when a crushing, emotional blow comes her way, her moods dip into the darkness and stillness of depression.

It will take much time before things change. But with the guidance of new friends Hematite and Mr. Dragonfly, Aurora slowly finds her way and who she is: a young girl with bipolar disorder…and hope.

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