Away Now Back

It’s 2016! Time to reconnect with Aurora, the principal character of Light Fixtures, and all of y’all who are considering reading the book or have already done so (thanks).

Interesting to write a novel about a teen dealing with the onset of bipolar, and then dealing with a relative with the disorder in real life. With this experience, the past year and a half has brought me more knowledge about the chemical imbalance, as well as reminders of Aurora discovering her bipolar state in Light Fixtures.

The “fun” end of bipolar – mania – was how I became aware of my relative’s situation. All was great, she was happy and eager to do all kinds of things. Ever moving, talking, laughing, with the world seen and felt as a sweet peach for the taking, she was always full of energetic life. Though she was fun to be around, some people didn’t
recognize her in this seeming nonstop, rarely sleeping state of euphoria and began to question her state.

But bipolar mania cannot last indefinitely. Soon the body, tired from the racing thoughts and actions, dove into depression, where joy and clarity no longer reigned – only darkness and despair.

In other words, the two edges of bipolar disorder became a part of my relative’s life, just as Aurora felt and knew in Light Fixtures. Both had to decipher who they are physically, mentally and spiritually. Life is, after all, a time for adapting, growing and moving forward – especially for those have a bipolar imbalance.

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