About the Author

The author of Light Fixtures the YA book, Deborah DeMoss SmithAuthor, documentary writer/producer, and jazz radio host, Deborah DeMoss Smith sets her first YA novel in northwest Louisiana during the steaming summer of 1963.

Growing up in that Deep South countryside, DeMoss Smith says the locale fits perfectly with the story of 14-year-old Aurora’s, the protagonist of Light Fixtures, fateful summer.

“Northwest Louisiana in the summer is hot and humid, and that weather is really a metaphor of how Aurora feels—on fire, euphoric, creative, manic. But she is unprepared when life flips to the down side. Yet with the help of two unconventional guides who understand the onset of her bipolar moods, she learns her light can shine again.”

Other works by DeMoss Smith include Reflections of the Heart, What Our Animal Companions Tell Us and award-winning documentaries, such as the Cable Ace (Emmy) winner A Different Kind of Mayor: Gussie McRobert. Light Fixtures is the first of a series of YA books defining Aurora’s journey.

Deborah can be reached by email, deborah (at) lightfixturesthebook.com