In the Summertime: Aurora and Mania

With summer in its awesome zenith, it’s time to check in with you. The sweltering summer is the setting for Light Fixtures. I choose the season as an extension of what Aurora, the YA novel’s protagonist, is feeling throughout much of the book: on fire with a desire to move fast.

Of course, this is known in the world of bipolar disorder as mania, a common symptom of bipolar mood disorder. And with teens, where the world can already seem slow-moving at times, this bipolar sign of super-fast actions and rapid thoughts is often not easily noticed as a symptom of bipolar (manic depression).

Bipolar mania certainly is a distinct part of Bipolar I and it can interfere with your relationships, your school, your work and your physical wellness.  With Aurora, mania was gearing up as the summer progressed and, without the help of her special friends, she was headed to the Big Crash that would lead to deep depression.

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