What’s the deal with the title?

One of the most commonly asked questions about Light Fixtures is how did I choose the title? Of course, once you read the book, it makes perfect sense.

I chose the title Light Fixtures—devices used to create illumination—as a metaphor for who Aurora, and all of us, are: beings who, no matter what our limitations, have the power to shine.

Aurora’s limitation is her teen mania, one of the signs of teen bipolar disorder. Throughout the book, Aurora thinks,
with school on break, her lack of sleep and fast thinking is just her being restless, especially when her heart flutters with Johnny Lee around. Of course, with the guidance of the mystical Mr. Hematite and his assistant Mr. Dragonfly, she eventually learns differently, most notably when everything takes a bipolar depression nosedive.

Yet, one thing about Aurora, and those with bipolar symptoms, their light fixtures are always ready to reset and send out a balanced light. And there’s nothing like a bright light.

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