What Aurora and Demi Lovato Share

In Light Fixtures, Aurora discovers, with the gentle and persistent guidance of Mr. Dragonfly and Mr. Hematite, that she has manic depression, known today as teen bipolar disorder. She experiences the often creative high’s of mania, followed by the deep low’s of depression. Aurora’s bipolar moods are not unique, for even today they’re no stranger to the teenage population.

Just ask celebrity singer/actress Demi Moore. Recently, the 18-year-old boldly announced she has teen bipolar disorder. She says she’s dealt with depression since a child; as for the high of bipolar moods, she recounts that there were times when she was so manic, she once, staying up until 5:30 in the morning, wrote seven songs in one night.

That’s mania for you. But whether it’s 1963 when Aurora begins her journey of self-awareness, or nearly 50 years later as Demi Moore begins her, I predict the two will face the challenge of teen bipolar disorder with balance and brillance.

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