Spike Day

As you can see on the homepage, Thursday, October 20th is Spike Day. It’s the day we’re asking those who are planning to buy “Light Fixtures” – the holiday gift-giving isn’t far away – to get on a stick (my granddaddy’s saying that comes from getting early cars to go by manipulating the gearshift) and do it!

Why? A one-day spike in sales = an Amazon Books Store recommendation. So when someone is searching Amazon for a bipolar teen novel,”Light Fixtures”, supported by a big spike in sales, comes up. It’s a way of sharing upfront with their customers what others like; it helps their marketing of fiction books on bipolar mood disorders; and it helps get the word out in a good-story way about the symptoms of teen bipolar disorder.

So when Thursday, October 20th, Spike Day, rolls around, think: Have to get my copy of Light Fixtures today!


Head on over to the Amazon page for Light Fixtures and get your copy today.

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