Thanks and Thoughts

Definitely a full thanks for all of you who did your part to make Spike Day a success. Now, more folks are reading “Light Fixtures.” One woman in Connecticut wrote that she bought a copy as a gift for a friend’s daughter’s birthday; another purchaser in California wrote that she and three of her 30-something pals secured a copy as gifts to themselves!

If you are still on the fence (that must hurt) about getting “Light Fixtures”, consider the gift-giving theme. Secure a copy of the ebook not only as a gift for yourself, but as a gift to another, especially now that the holiday season is drawing nigh. Hint: There’ll be a special price discount coming in December.

Either way, no matter when you purchase the YA novel, once you’ve read it, do please write a review of “Light Fixtures” on this website and Amazon. It would be appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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