More on Homeland’s Carrie and Aurora’s connection

Not long ago I wrote about a TV role that has everyone talking: “Homeland’s” Carrie Mathison, a CIA analyst with bipolar disorder, played by actress Claire Danes. Looks as if it’s time to do so again.

Danes has made Time magazine’s “The Most 100 Influential People in the World” for her portrayal of Mathison. As Plame Wilson, a former CIA agent and author of the Danes’ article, points out, the actress adds life and realism into the role, a role that goes against the grain of what a CIA anaylist is expected to behave and look like–and her living and working with bipolar disorder only heightens the scenario. As Wilso writes: “Her bipolar disorder, which she must hide from her employers, is both a blessing and a curse.”

That could easily be a descripton of Aurora in Light Fixtures. With the onset of the mood disorder, she feels the blessing of being fast on her feet and even faster with her brain when it comes to dealing with situations; yet, when she falls into bipolar disorder’s abyss, she feels the curse of being in the hole, where the darkness, the depression is immune to hope, joy, and the ability to think clearly.

Yet, so far, like Carrie Mathison in “Homeland”, Aurora manages to keep her head above water…for now.

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