Mystical Guides

No matter what your philosophical, cultural, or religious background, you probably have an opinion about mystical beings. Last night, I came upon a TV show featuring a paranormal experience: a family had moved into a house that apparently already had residents, i.e., ghosts, and they weren’t sure how to deal with these non-physical residents. The show kept my interest for its duration (BTW: my favorite TV program of this type is SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters”, though I’m still sad about the departure of Grant).

Once I clicked the TV off, I begin thinking about beings of other dimensions, from spirits that hang around a place, to those that hang around us in a more protective way, often described as spirit guides or even angels. Certainly Aurora in Light Fixtures was blessed with such positive relationships via her friendship with the mystical guide Mr. Hematite and his assistant Mr. Dragonfly. Without them, she would not have learned in a caring way about her having the onset of teen bipolar disorder.

Of course, that was their mission and they fulfilled it well. But isn’t that the purpose of a valuable guide, mystical or not: to help another to move forward, whether that person has or has not bipolar disorder? Unlike teen bipolar disorder, it’s not an up-and-down thing with a guide; it’s just a true focus that’s determined and genuine. And everyone could use that kind of guide.

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