A Comedy Starring a Bipolar Character?

This will be a succinct blog today. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a lovely, sunny, 83-degree day and I’m headed outside to pick some ripe tomatoes from the vine – the last of the summer – and walk my property with my two felines – well, one is upstairs asleep on my bed. Guess he won’t make it.

But before I enjoy this September sunshine, I wanted to give you a heads-up on a film that’s getting “the talk” at the Toronto International Film Festival. “Silver Linings Playbook” is touted as being a smart and original comedy-drama. It stars Bradley Cooper as a young man with bipolar who’s learning to handle the ups and downs – that’s bipolar for sure – of life.

Wonder what Aurora who’s dealing with the onset of teen bipolar disorder in Light Fixtures and her guide Mr. Hematite would think about it? I’ll let you know what my impressions of the film are once it comes to the downtown cinema.

Catch you next week!

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