Falling for Fall?

Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons of the year. I guess you could say I tend to fall for fall (pun intended)! Yet, it’s also an ambivalent time for me. With its rich colors of orange, red, and yellow foliage that hangs precariously, then carpets the ground, autumn is a joy to see; however, there’s also a sadness that invades this space-time, too, as the brightness of summer is shaded and the season is put to bed.

Of course, this up-and-down feeling for autumn reminds me of Aurora and her behaviors in Light Fixtures, as the onset of teen bipolar disorder rears its head in the 14-year-old. With her guide-friends though, she learns to eventually face her high-flying, seemingly fun mania and then the pursuant deep depression.

Which takes me back to the bipolarity of fall. Just as Aurora must learn to deal wisely with teen manic-depression, so too must we learn to deal with those changes that make life a high and an occasional low. So, autumn, welcome back!

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