After Hurricane Sandy

Today, I’m sending Light to all those who dealt with Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricanes are not strangers to those who live in Louisiana, even those who live in the northwestern part of the state, as does Aurora and her family in the novel Light Fixtures. It’s well known that when a hurricane strikes in south Louisiana, the power of the weather leaves its force far and wide.

A hurricane at its fullest is analogous to mania in manic depression (bipolar disorder) — it moves fast and is full of energy. Though unaware of her unbalance, that’s what Aurora is experiencing within as the book opens. But she eventually learns about herself and teen bipolar disorder via the guidance of two special friends: Mr. Hematite and Mr. Dragonfly.

Here’s hoping those affected by Sandy are surrounded by those who care. I would bet on it, as, Mr. Hematite reminds Aurora at the novel’s end: we are all light fixtures, with the potential to shine with brilliance.

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