Nothing is more American than the Super Bowl; it’s probably the one unofficial national holiday that brings us together best. There are people who don’t know anything about the sport, yet come Super Bowl Day, they’re with family and friends indulging in The Super Bowl Party! After all, it’s said that football has surpassed baseball in popularity and is now America’s pastime.

I’m one of those football devotees. Of course I, like you most likely do, have my team, and it, maybe like yours, too, didn’t make it this year to New Orleans to play the big game. But then, my team LIVES in New Orleans (though I do not), so there’s a little bit of joy with that.

But back to the party. A big, vital part of Super Bowl is that it’s watched with delicious food and drink! When the viewing is at my house, the menu is usually based on Southern delights: fried chicken, potato salad, purple hull peas (if I can find them). But there are also all things American: salsa, BBQ ribs, blue corn chips, beer, wine, and sparkling water with lemon. Adding to the event is that folks bring their favorite dishes and drinks, too.

In Light Fixtures, Aurora is a football lover. Living in a small northwest Louisiana town, football IS the name of the game. When she describes the cute, upper classman Johnny, she notes first his position on the high school football team. To her, especially when she experiences mania with the early onset of teen bipolar that summer, she goes on and on about him and football. The bipolar mania refuses to let go its reign until a sudden trigger changes things.

Certainly, there’s no need to be biploar to feel the mania the Super Bowl brings. That’s just letting the good times roll. For most Americans, once the game ends, the mania slowly dissapates. But until the 60 minutes playing time is over, mania not only has its place, it also has no need to be punted!

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